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  • Translate your menu using TRAMEN in many languages by only saving the original version of it from your own Restaurant Portal
  • Edit anything you want if you’re dissatisfied with the translation of the translator engine
  • Update your menu as many times as needed and TRAMEN will do the rest
  • Get rid of hours spent on translating, printing and storing, as well as cleaning menus translated in a limited amount of languages
  • Reduce your expenses significantly
  • Get control over when and how you want to do updates
  • Register NOW and offer your customer this extra service for very affordable price package

Restaurant customer?

  • It’s FREE and simple to use!
  • For first timer users:
    Download the /  app → Select the language → Select the Restaurant → within an instance, you have access to the menu in your selected language
  • Once downloaded: Open App → Select the restaurant → Gain access to the menu in your selected language
  • NO registration with a long list of details you need to add
  • NO need to remember a username or password (no requirements, such as strong or weak ☺)
  • Ability to change the language if needed

How to get the best out of TRAMEN?

At TRAMEN, we are positive that restaurants can get the best out of this application if the KISS principle (“keep it simple, stupid”) is applied when developing the menu. The menu is translated for the first time using the Translator machine. However, a provision is necessary as it is no secret that – no matter how good the machine is – it is still a machine and therefore, cannot decode everything in all possible languages with complete accuracy. To solve this, here are some good examples on how a simply described dish can be easily translated in many languages with accuracy:


  • Pappardelle pasta, ragout of lamb from Åland and Pecorino Romano cheese
  • Lamb tenderloin, chili-coffee sauce, seasonal vegetables and potato slices
  • Liver, bacon, fried onion, vegetables, lingonberry and mashed potatoes

TRAMEN will translate your menu in

Available for iOS and Android

TRAMEN is free application to use for Restaurant customers when Restaurant is using TraMen services and you may download for free from Apple Store and Play Store. 

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