Our Story

We are a small company with big dreams, focused on innovation and solutions – on thinking of ways to make people’s lives easier. In a fast paced and bustling society, convenience is important. Furthermore, we live in the world where people are travelers and explorers, either as tourists or for working purposes; food is something that connects them all. We might have different tastes in food but we all want to know what we are eating, whether it be due to allergies, diet restrictions or simply for the palette. Traveling is our passion and we learned the hard way that readable menus are not always available in other languages or even written using an alphabet that we understand. This drove us to the idea of creating TRAMEN.


Our team has experience in both hospitality and the IT industries. We empathise with waiters when they have to serve customers that do not speak the same language and have to resort to using hand gestures to explain even the simplest of things. In addition, we have quite the experience in delivering complex IT systems that have impacted positively on many peoples’ lives. This time we decided to combine those two experiences and bring something to the hospitality industry. We decided to bring TRAMEN.


After seeking out different companies that could bring this idea to fruition this with us, we found the Novende, a company with skills, experience and passion about creating something new.